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Panelist Registration

Panelist registration is currently OPEN. There are no requirements for becoming a panelist, just enthusiasm and an interest in yaoi. You can sign up to be a panelist at ANPanels.com. Please be sure to set the type of the panel to Yaoi/Yuri North.

Panel ideas are currently being discussed on the Anime North forums, the Teahouse of the Maple Moon. Feel free to suggest other ideas or consult the past panels page for previously run panel ideas.

Current panels open for sign-ups are:


19 Days / Their Story
Warning: Panel may contain discussion about cute and hilarious manhua pairings from popular webcomics by Old Xian & Tan Jiu

Discussing some specific BDSM and D/S relationships in yaoi/yuri/anime and real life. How do they match up? Come find out!

Banana Fish
The Banana Fish manga series is being made into an anime! Come share your love for the manga and your hopes for the anime.

Big, Burly Bara
A talk on the Bara genre and its similarities and differences from typical Yaoi manga.

BL Games: Japanese vs English
Do you love BL games? Our panelists will share their favorites, including Japanese visual novels and Western games.

Call Me By Your Name
Discussion of the novel and film, Call Me By Your Name.

Classmates (Doukyusei)
Discussion of the anime & manga for Doukyuusei (Classmates).

Dramatical Murder
The notorious game that sparked a wonderful fandom and a terrible anime. Let’s talk about DMMd; the characters, the story, and the fandom.

Ethical Shipping
A discussion about respect and ethics, for fan consumers, creators, and participants in fandom.

Fantastical Yaoi and Where to Find It
A panel on some of the more popular yaoi publishers/companies and good recommendations.

Favorite Yuri Moments
Come share with us (and hear from others) about your favorite moments in yuri fandom.

Free! Yaoi
Are you a fan of HaruRin, MakoHaru, MakoRin, or other pairings from the anime Free!? Come discuss this swimming anime fandom.

Gay Sex 101
Let’s talk about safer sex! Questions about how to mix pleasure and safety are everywhere, so come talk dirty.

Hitorijime My Hero
Discussion of the anime & manga for Hitorijime My Hero.

Hooked on Yaoi/Yuri
You always remember your first. What anime/manga first hooked you on yaoi or yuri?

How to Not Write Badfic
A discussion of common errors in fanfiction and how to avoid them. Questions welcome.

Intro to Yaoi Manga
What are the best manga for newbies to yaoi? Come share your recommendations.

Intro to Yuri Manga
What are the best manga for newbies to yuri? Come share your recommendations.

Junjou Romantica & Sekai-ichi Hatsukoi
Share your love of Shungiku Nakamura’s intertwined series, Junjou Romantica and Sekai-ichi Hatsukoi.

Just Teammates?
All fans to come and talk about sports anime and the homosexual undertones in many of the most popular sports anime.

Killing Stalking
With the conclusion of the second season, Join us as we discuss and answer questions of the infamous psycological horror manhwa, Killing Stalking!

Lesbian Sex 101
Let’s talk about sex! How do anime/manga get it wrong and how do they get it right?

LGBTQ & Yaoi/Yuri Kickstarters
Kickstarter has been great for LGBTQ projects. Come learn about some of the great projects that have come out recently and talk about your favorites.

LGBTQ Book Recs
Looking for smut of a fictional variety? Our panelists will give you recommendations on the best authors out there and where to look.

LGBTQ Manga Outside Japan
Japan isn’t the only place with LGBTQ comics. Discuss manwha, Chinese comics, and American comics with an LGBTQ focus.

LGBTQ Online Roleplay
Talk about online roleplaying – where to go, how to play, the full run of do’s and don’ts.

LGBTQ Webcomics
Are you a fan of Starfighter? Avialae? Tripping Over You? Share your favorite LGBTQ webcomic with like-minded fans.

Love Stage!!
From wedding to nightmare, we’ll talk about the relationship between Izuma and Ryoma, as well as Shogo’s love of Rei.

Magical Girls & Yuri
Yuri pairings in popular magical girl anime/manga.

Male Perspective on Yaoi
What do guys think of this (mostly) by females for females genre?

Nightmare Fuel Of The Net
What haunts your dreams? Do you think you can be crowned the King of Nightmares? In this special yaoi/yuri edition, come find out.

Obscure Fandoms and Pairings in Yaoi & Slash
Rare pairings, obscure fandoms, and the fans who love them. Come talk about the fandoms and pairings you love that rarely see the light of day.

Overwatch Femslash
Overwatch Femslash ship discussion. Widowtracer, Pharmecy, MeiZarya? Heck yes! Talking about all our fav ships and even rarepairs!

Polyamory in Anime
Polyamory 101 is your go-to place for all your questions about relationships with multiple partners!

Queer Characters in Anime/Manga
Queer characters aren’t limited to yaoi/yuri anime. Come talk about your favorite queer characters in mainstream anime/manga.

Rat & Aster: Relationships of No. 6
Shion loves Nezumi! Come talk about how their relationship evolves over the course of No. 6.

Riverdale’s Queers
Let’s talk about the gay, lesbian, ace, and other characters in Riverdale.

Sanrio Danshi
Discussion of the Sanrio-loving boys of Sanrio Danshi.

Sex Pistols
Discussion of the anime/manga for Sex Pistols.

Sex Positive Anime And Manga
Which series are sex-positive and has the portrayal of sex improved over time? How are sex-positive anime/manga received in Japan and in the West?

Showa Genroku Rakugo Shinju
Let’s talk about the tragic romance between Kikuhiko and Sukeroku in this rakugo anime.

Super Lovers
Do you love the shounen-ai anime/manga Super Lovers? We do!

The Art of Yaoi
An artistic discussion on the body aesthetic of Yaoi & Bara manga.

The High School Life of Fudanshi
Are you a fujoshi/fudanshi? Come talk about this anime made for yaoi fans.

This Year in Yaoi/Yuri
A panel on some of the newer manga & anime that have come out and recommendations.

Tiger & Bunny Yaoi
Share your love of the various pairings from Tiger & Bunny!

Share your love of Tight Rope!

Transgender Representation in Anime
Discussion of transgender characters in anime.

Discussion of the anime & manga for Viewfinder/Finder series.

Writing LGBTQ Sex
Our panel of writers tackle the best ways to write realistic LGBTQ characters and relationships beyond the standard L and G.

Yaoi 101
New to yaoi? Our panel of seasoned yaoi guru will walk you through the wonderful world of yaoi.

Yaoi and Feminism
So, what do a bunch of gay boys have to do with equality of the sexes, anyway? A discussion of the pros and cons of yaoi from a feminist perspective.

Yaoi Classics
Before Gravitation, yaoi anime/manga was hard to find. Let’s talk about our favorite 80’s and 90’s yaoi.

Yaoi Fanfic Theater
Dramatic reading of fanfic.

Yaoi WHY?!?!?!?!?!?
What yaoi manga/anime is so bad that you question how it even came to be? We’ll discuss the weird of the weird.

Yaoi/Yuri Guilty Pleasures
What cliches and tropes can you not get enough of in yaoi/yuri anime/manga? Share your favorites and find fellow fans with tastes just like yours.

Yaoi/Yuri Improv
Our improv artists bring Whose Line Is It Anyway? comedy with an LGBTQ twist.

Yuri 101
New to yuri? Come learn what it is, where to get started, and what to avoid.

Yuri Classics
Yuri has a long history before the more smut-driven shows of modern day. Let’s talk about the classics of the genre from the 70’s and 80’s.

Yuri in the West
Lesbianism in Western fandoms.

Yuri Recommendations
Recommendations for quality yuri.