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Panelist Registration

Panelist registration is currently OPEN. There are no requirements for becoming a panelist, just enthusiasm and an interest in yaoi. You can sign up to be a panelist at ANPanels.com. Please be sure to set the type of the panel to Yaoi/Yuri North.

Panel ideas are currently being discussed on the Anime North forums, the Teahouse of the Maple Moon. Feel free to suggest other ideas or consult the past panels page for previously run panel ideas.

Current panels open for sign-ups are:

BBC Slash
From historical to science fiction, comedy to drama, the BBC is full of slash-worthy males and females. Come and discuss your favorites!

BL Games: Japanese vs English
There’s a limited selection of Japanese BL games in English, so what are some games fans of BL games might like?

Crossplay 101: Queens
Our fabulous queens will show you how to go from male to female like a pro.

Dramatical Murder
The notorious game that sparked a wonderful fandom and a terrible anime. Let’s talk about DMMd; the characters, the story, and the fandom.

Ethical Shipping
A discussion about respect and ethics, for fan consumers, creators, and participants in fandom.

Favorite Yuri Moments
Come share with us (and hear from others) about your favorite moments in yuri fandom.

Gay Life: Fact vs Yaoi
Yaoi gets a lot of details wrong about gay life. Will cover dating, coming out, and more.

Gender Roles in Yaoi
Discussion of the gender stereotypes in yaoi, from boys who act like girls to boys as boys to boys who are just confused.

History of Yaoi
Discussion on how yaoi started as a genre and evolved in Japan and how it spread to the West.

Just Teammates?
All fans to come and talk about sports anime and the homosexual undertones in many of the most popular sports anime.

Kickstarters for Yaoi/Yuri Fans
There’s been a lot of LGBTQ content on Kickstarter. Here’s what you might have missed and what’s coming up.

Killing Stalking
Join us as we discuss and answer questions on the psychological horror manhwa, Killing Stalking.

Lesbian Sex 101
Everything you need to know about sex as a lesbian.

Love Stage!!
From wedding to nightmare, we’ll talk about the relationship between Izuma and Ryoma, as well as Shogo’s love of Rei.

Magical Girls & Yuri
Yuri pairings in popular magical girl anime/manga.

Male Perspective on Yaoi
How men view the yaoi fandom.

Old School Yuri
What were the themes in yuri stories from the 70’s and how do they differ from the yuri of today?

Omegaverse 101
Let’s talk omegaverse! Join us as we discuss the meta, biology, and society of this unique alternate universe.

Original Gay Fiction
Looking for smut of a fictional variety? Our panelists will give you recommendations on the best authors out there and where to look.

Overwatch Femslash
Overwatch Femslash ship discussion. Widowtracer, Pharmecy, MeiZarya? Heck yes! Talking about all our fav ships and even rarepairs!

Queer Cons Near You
Come learn about other East Coast cons catering to the LGBTQ+ crowd.

Rat & Aster: Relationships of No. 6
Shion loves Nezumi! Come talk about how their relationship evolves over the course of No. 6.

Riverdale’s Queers
Let’s talk about the gay, lesbian, ace, and other characters in Riverdale.

Sekai-ichi Romantica
Come fan about your favorite pairings from Junjou Romantica, Sekai-ichi Hatsukoi, and the rest of Shungiku Nakamura’s works.

Showa Genroku Rakugo Shinju
Let’s talk about the tragic romance between Kikuhiko and Sukeroku in this rakugo anime.

So Your Significant Other Likes Yaoi
What to do when your partner is yaoi-obsessed.

Supernatural Slash
Discussion amongst fans about SPN Season 12 and beyond, a chance to get together and truly appreciate the show.

Transgender 101
What’s it like to be transgender? Our panelists will share their stories and answer questions about being trans.

Transgender Representation in Anime
Discussion of transgender characters in anime.

World History of Homosexuality
Our panelists will present on the history of homosexuality across multiple cultures.

Yaoi and Yuri Relationships: Does Romance Matter
Why do we look at same-sex couples? Why do we ship same-sex? Is it for entertainment or is because were attracted to it? Let’s talk!

Yaoi Fans Might Like…
Books, TV shows, and movies of interest to yaoi fans.

Yuri 101
Intro to yuri for beginners.

Yuri After Dark
Let’s get together and discuss the adult side of the Yuri fandom, including themes, specific series, and doujinshi.

Yuri and Feminism
How do yuri and feminism match up?

Yuri in the West
Lesbian relationships in Western media.

Yuri Recommendations
Recommendations for quality yuri.