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Past Contests

The following contests have run previous years at Yaoi North:

Create that Yaoi (2007-2010) –
Game show style contest where players must create a review of a randomly generated title and stereotypes.

Create that Yuri (2012)

Fiction/Art Contest (2006-2008) –
Fanfiction, original fiction, and art were submitted and compiled into a CD Anthology available for purchase by attendees.

Impossible Positions Contest (2005-2010) –
A combination of twister and the Kama Sutra. Last pair standing wins.

Iron Smut (2008, 2011-2016) –
Think Iron Chef but with Yaoi. Contestants will be given a stack of ‘ingredients’ to make a story.

Yaoi Jeopardy (2009-2010) –
Test your trivia knowledge again three other contests. Categories range from popular manga artists and anime/manga trivia to obscure questions about the yaoi industry and fandom.

Yaoi Madlibs (2011-2013) –
Fill in the blanks for wacky yaoi fun!

Yaoi North Idol (2011-2013) –
Who can create the best filk in the allotted time?

Yaoi Pictionary (2011-2016) –
The classic game of Pictionary with a very Yaoi twist.