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Past Guests


(Yaoi North 2014)

More details coming soon! Please stay tuned!

Storm Moon Press

(Yaoi North 2014)

More details coming soon! But until then please check out their awesome work at http://www.stormmoonpress.com/

Iron Dog/I.D. Locke

(Yaoi North 2010)

Iron Dog writes yaoi fanfic in a variety of anime/manga/video game fandoms. Most of what she writes has a high content of NC-17 material for graphic sex and kinks of all kinds. Some of her more popular works are in the Saiyuki, Weiss, Ai no Kusabi, Bleach and Final Fantasy fandoms, but are by no means limited to them. She has also written fic in Inu Yasha, Trinity Blood, Gravitation and Yami no Matsui to name a few more.

Iron Dog has a large body of multi-fandom fanfic work. Several multi-chaptered stories are complete, countless PWP’s, dozens of songfics, and currently four works-in-progress that are all epic in size (over the 100,000 word mark).

ID Locke writes original male/male fiction, most often with sci-fi/fantasy or paranormal content. To date, she has the novel Blind Desire, the novelette Slave To The Blood and the short story Flying Lead Change. All of the above are published through Torquere Press (http://www.torquerebooks.com/index.php?manufacturers_id=263&zenid=828a801852d4c1904007d8c74d252ef1&main_page=index).

ID Locke also posts free fiction to her author Livejournal (http://id-locke.livejournal.com/profile) every Monday and Friday. There are one-shots and works-in-progress posted there, and one of her epic-sized fictions is currently being posted at that website. She has several original stories currently in the works and a novella out to a publisher for consideration.