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Past Panels

The following panels have run in previous years.

BBC Sherlock Slash (2012-2013) –
Discussion of popular pairings in BBC’s Sherlock TV series.

BDSM in Yaoi (2011-2012) –
Rope and handcuffs, whips and chains, these are the things that make an uke’s heart race with… huh

Beyond Yaoi (2009-2011, 2013) –
You mean there are other things out there that could appeal to yaoi fans? Homoerotica? Literature? Comics? Even more?! Guess it’s time to deeply explore what is out there, beyond yaoi, and maybe broaden some horizons.

Bishounen and Shotacon: The Psychology of Sexuality in Yaoi (2008) –
Our panelists discuss the psychological aspects of yaoi – why certain pairings are appealing, why we’re so fascinated with it, and why people like different types of yaoi.

BL Games (2006, 2012) –
Where to buy them, how to play them, which to avoid and which are the stars, this panel covers everything there is to know about Boys’ Love computer games.

Cracktastic Yaoi (2012)

Create Your Own Text-Based BL Game (2006) –
A how-to workshop on creating your own yaoi-oriented text-based game. Covers the entire game making process in brief, from concept to release.

Crossplay 101 (2005-2016) –
Introductory lecture/workshop on cosplaying as the opposite gender.

Doctor Who & Torchwood

Domination and Submission in Yaoi (2009-2010) –
A discussion of seme and uke, gender roles, and domination/submission in yaoi anime/manga.

Doujinshi Shopping (2009) –
A Q&A guide to how to purchase yaoi doujinshi, whether you are in Japan, North America, or another country.

Ears & Tails… WHAT?!?!?! Furry Fandom & Anime (2009-2011) –
Catboys? Ears & Tails? Yaoi? This panel will discuss The relationships between Anime & Anthropomorphics. Stop by and check us out!

Fandom Ate My Soul (2009) –
My Little Pony slash? Bob the Builder porn? We’ve all had traumatic experiences in fandom, so come share the pain.

Fangirl Logic (was “Slashgoggles Anonymous”) (2010-2013) –
We see pairings everywhere. Come talk about your favorite pairings and why they’re meant to be together despite cannon.

Fanthropology of Slash (2010-2011) –
A discussion of fanthropology and fan studies research on slash, yaoi, and fanfiction.

Favorite Pairings (2005-2008, 2012) –
Rival. Best friend. Teacher and student. Whatever your pairing, you can guarantee we’ll be talking about it!

Favorite Yuri/Femslash Ships (2011-2013) –
Come tell us the yuri, shoujo-ai, and femmeslash pairings you love to fangirl or fanboy over.

Fetishism & Otakuism (2013)

Final Fantasy Yaoi (2008) –
We’ll be discussing Final Fantasy yaoi through all the generations, from the original game to the latest.

Fullmetal Alchemist Yaoi (2006) –
A discussion of one of the most popular anime of recent years from a distinctly yaoi-riffic perspective.

Gay Boys and Their Fangirls (2007-2009) –
Gay men and the women who love them.

Gay Life: Fact vs. Yaoi (2011-2013) –
Yaoi gets a lot of details wrong about gay life. Will cover dating, coming out, and more.

Gay Sex 101 (2005-2011) –
The classic returns! Exploring the realities of gay sex and the inconsistencies found in yaoi!

Gender Roles in Yaoi (2005, 2009) –
Discussion of the gender stereotypes in yaoi, from boys who act like girls to boys as boys to boys who are just confused.

Genderqueer Fandom (2011, 2013) –
Why yaoi and slash are attractive to genderqueer or trans fans and its role in identity formation.

Getting Into Yaoi (2010) –
Panelists discuss how they got into yaoi and how you can get involved.

Getting Your Significant Other to Accept Yaoi (2008) –
Our panelists suggest various ways to get your partner to accept your love of yaoi.

Gravitation (2005-2008) –
We’ll be discussing everything about this popular classic, from the TV series to the OVA to the manga to the remixes.

Harry Potter Slash (2007-2009) –
Shipping, fanfiction, and other topics relating to Harry Potter.

Hetalia Yaoi (2011) –
Discussion of favorite pairings in the Hetalia fandom, fanfic recommendations, etc.

How to Draw Yaoi Doujin and Comics (2005) –
A demonstration from yaoi doujin artists.

How to Not Write Badfic (2007-2011) –
A discussion of common errors in fanfiction and how to avoid them. Questions welcome.

Kingdom Hearts Yaoi (2008) –
Our panelist will be covering all there is to the gayer side of the Kingdom Hearts series, from Sora and Riku or Axel and Roxas to all the rarer pairings.

Language of Yaoi (2009) –
Discussion of the terms that are frequently found in yaoi anime and manga.

Lesbian Sex 101 (2013) –
Everything you need to know about sex as a lesbian.

Lesser Known Yuri (2012)

Let’s Talk About Kinks (2013)

Lightbulbs & Corn: Strange Fetishes in Yaoi (2007, 2009-2010, 2013) –
From lightbulbs and corn to veela, tentacles, and male pregnancy, we’ll be discussing the oddities that occur in the yaoi fandom.

Living la Vida Yaoi (2006) –
Learn how to let loose your inner seme or how to nurture your inner uke.

Loveless (2007-2008) –
From the acclaimed manga by Yun Kouga! Come and talk about your favorite pairings, the anime, the manga and what may come!

Magical Girls & Yuri (2103) –
Yuri pairings in popular magical girl anime/manga.

Male Perspective on Yaoi (2012-2103) –
What do guys think of this by females for females genre?

The Minds of Yaoi Fans (2006 – 2007) –
This panel dives into the minds of yaoi fans. Topics include why fans love yaoi, how fans fall into this genre, and how yaoi changes the way fans think.

Naruto Yaoi (2008, 2011) –
This is the panel for all your Naruto boy-love needs! Whether you favor mainstream or crack, we’ll be discussing it all.

Nitro+Chiral Games (2009, 2016) –
Discussion on yaoi games from Nitro+Chiral. Including Togainu no Chi, Lamento, and Sweet Pool.

Obscure Fandoms and Pairings in Yaoi (2009) –
Rare pairings, obscure fandoms, and the fans who love them. Come talk about the fandoms and pairings you love that rarely see the light of day.

Old School Yuri (2011) –
What were the themes in yuri stories from the 70’s and how do they differ from the yuri of today?

Original Characters in Yaoi (2011) –
OC’s: the black sheep of yaoi. This panel provides pointers on how to make them work in your fiction.

Press Start: Yaoi in Video Games (2011) –
Tour of the many gay characters in video games.

Psychology of Yaoi (2009-2011) –
What is this about yaoi that intrigues us? What does it imply? Well, Freud’s not available for analysis, so we’ll settle for this panel instead.

Publishing Yaoi (2005, 2007) –
How to make it in the industry, where to look to get started, and more.

Rare Pairings (2013)

Rise of the Kink (2010) –
Kink has become increasingly popular in fiction. The panel covers current trends, communities, and why vanilla is so passe.

Seme/Uke Stereotypes (2006) –
Top and bottom: Does it matter as much as people think? We get to the “bottom” of one of the fandom’s “top” issues!

Shoujo Ai & Yuri (2005) –
A discussion of all things shoujo ai and yuri related.

Shounen-ai in CLAMP (2005-2006, 2008) –
This panel discusses the various pairings in CLAMP works from X to Tokyo Babylon to xxxHolic.

Shounen-ai in Shounen Yaoi (2005) –
Discussion of the manifestations of boys’ love in shounen yaoi shows.

Slash and the Single Guy/Girl (2013)

Slash vs Yaoi (2011-2012) –
A discussion of slash, yaoi and the differences between them.

So Your Girlfriend Likes Yaoi (2007) –
What to do when your girlfriend is one of ‘those people’.

Superhero Slash (2012)

Surviving the Yaoi/Non-Yaoi Wars (2007) –
How to deal with the people who think you’re “eww, sick!” for liking yaoi – *without* ending up on Fandom Wank.

Torchwood (2010-2012) –
Slashers’ discussion on the live-action BBC TV show, Torchwood.

Transgender Themes in Anime (2007, 2012) –
Discussion of the portrayal of transgender characters in anime.

Translating Yaoi Manga (2008) –
A workshop about the technical aspects of translating yaoi manga, focusing mostly on scanlations.

The Uke Point of View (2009) –
Discussion on why most manga are told from the uke’s (bottom/sub) point of view.

Western Yaoi (2005) –
Discussion of Yaoi titles created in North America.

Wild Wing Boys (2007, 2012) –
Discussion of the Gundam Wing fandom.

Writing Kink (2102)

Writing Pairings (2013)

Writing Realistic Gay Characters (2008) –
From stereotypes to misinformation, we’ll cover the common mistakes writers make when depicting gay characters.

World History of Homosexuality (2005-2009, 2011-2013) –
From the cradle of civilization to the modern day, an overview of how homosexuality has been conceptualized by different cultures throughout the ages.

Yaoi 101 (2006, 2012) –
New to Yaoi? This panel covers everything you need to know about the fandom.

Yaoi & Bara: Female and Male Perspectives on Sex (2011) –
Introduction to bara and the “manly” side of the yaoi fandom.

Yaoi and Feminism (2006-2009) –
So, what do a bunch of gay boys have to do with equality of the sexes, anyway? A discussion of the pros and cons of yaoi from a feminist perspective.

Yaoi and Slash (2007-2009) –
Slash, the Western answer to yaoi – or vice versa? A discussion on the intersections between the two.

Yaoi Fandom on the Web (2006) –
How it affects yaoi fandom, and how fandom utilizes the web as a resource, social development, and expression tool.

Yaoi Fanart (2013)

Yaoi Fanfiction (2005-2008, 2011) –
Whether you’re looking to write sweet shonen-ai or full-blown hardcore yaoi, we’ll tell you how to make your fics stand out.

Yaoi Fans Might Like… (2012-2013) –
Books, TV shows, and movies of interest to yaoi fans.

Yaoi in Comics (2011) –
Discussion of gay characters in comic books and web comics.

Yaoi Life Drawing (2012-2016)

Yaoi Novellas – NaNoWriMo and Big Bangs (2010) –
Writings epic-length yaoi, communities involved, and where to find long fic.

Yaoi Recommendations (2009) –
Q&A style panel. Recommend everything from anime to novels.

Yaoi Roleplay (2005-2010, 2013) –
Talk about online roleplaying – where to go, how to play, the full run of do’s and don’ts.

Yaoi Stereotypes (2007-2008) –
Why is the seme always taller than the uke, and why is he always on top? Come rant about your most hated or loved stereotype.

Yaoi Tropes (2012) –
Discussion of the common tropes found in yaoi anime/manga.

Yaoi Writing 101 (2008) –
We’ll be covering the basics of writing yaoi – developing plot, staying in character, writing sex scenes.

Yaoi vs. Reality (2007) –
A discussion of the differences between yaoi works and real life.

Yu-Gi-Oh BL Pairings (2009) –
Come fangirl (or fanboy) about the many manly characters in Duel Monsters, GX, and 5D’s!

Yuki Kaori (2010) –
Angel Sanctuary, Count Cain, and more! This panel focuses on yaoi pairings in the works of Yuki Kaori.

Yuri 101 (2010-2013) –
Overview of the yuri fandom and the best anime/manga to get into yuri.

Yuri After Dark (2012-2013)

Yuri and Sex (2011) –
The depiction of sex in yuri from plot significance to artwork.

Yuri in the West (2012-2013) –
Lesbianism in Western fandoms.

Yuri Through the Ages (2012) –
Exploring the differences in yuri over time.