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Gryvon – Coordinator

Gryvon (or Christie) is the staffer in charge of… well, everything Yaoi/Yuri North. Panels, guests, the schedule, prizes, etc. She’s one of the founding members of Yaoi North. When not working long hours into the night for Yaoi North, Gryvon is a professional computer programmer and an author.

Panels, Workshops & Contests: Writing Sex, Lightbulbs & Corn: Strange Fetishes in Yaoi, Create Your Own BL Games, History of Yaoi
Website: gryvon.com (fanfiction) or jennahale.com (published fiction)
E-mail: gryvon@gmail.com
Twitter: @gryvon
Tumblr: gryvon.tumblr.com

Covarla – Con Mom & Volunteer Wrangler

Covarla (or Candie) is a doctoral student in Cultural Anthropology with a Masters in Cultural Anthropology and a B.A. in Japan Studies.

Panels, Workshops & Contests: World History of Homosexuality, Fanthropology

James – Operations

The only straight guy on staff. You know we love him because we let him in on all of our Yaoi secrets. Also he has no choice since he’s married to Gryvon.

Matan – Programming

Matan (or Matt or nomadmatan or מתן) is a panelist and staffer for Yaoi North. When he’s not doing that (or whatever else Gryvon needs him to do), he’s a perpetual graduate student, currently working on his master’s degree in social work.

Panels, Workshops & Contests: Gay Sex 101, Sew Your Own Yaoi Doll/Chibi Doll, Iron Smut
Contact Info:
Web: http://www.nomadmatan.net
E-mail: matan@nomadmatan.net
Twitter: @nomadmatan

Nick – Con Dad & Guest Wrangler

Nick has been with the YN crew for about 10 years now and keeps coming back for more. When he isn’t working as a financial forensics investigator for a major bank, he enjoys playing video games, traveling, everything Teen Wolf (blame Gryvon), and meeting new people. Come and say hello!

Panels, Workshops & Contests: Gay Sex 101, Teen Wolf Slash, Ears and Tails: Furry Yaoi

Sirius – Security

Sirius is in charge of ID checking, chief sticker/stamp-giver-outer and overall repellent of negative energies! In his con off-time, Sirius is a student at George Brown College in Toronto. He’ll be studying Sign Language. (Sirius is also trans-gendered and prefers to be referred to as he please!)

Ray Maxwell

Ray is a long-standing slash and yaoi addict who started in anime and graduated to western series. He is a yaoi artist, general crafter, gardener, and dumpsterdiver. Having graduated this January from university, Ray has just returned from hitch hiking the west coast and deep south of the United States. Where he goes from here is anybody’s guess, but it sure will involve plenty of slash, some naughty art, and hopefully plenty of wandering.


Jack’s Bio Here


Marty’s Bio Here

Ryan – Drag Show

Ryan’s very first panel at Anime North culminated in him being dragged to the front of the room and afterward being told that he was to be on that panel the next year. Ryan is a flamboyant cosplayer who can always be found at con in a new costume. Ryan is also a thespian and loves being onstage.


Kaela uses her clever human guise to hide her kitsune heritage, and was recruited by Gryvon in 2012 as a part-time gatekeeper after the almighty coordinator defeated her in a Cards Against Humanity battle. While not invading Toronto, she sells her soul to Wolfram and Hart. Her hobbies include dabbling in whatever bits of shiny catches her eye, wordsmithing, and releasing the kraken.

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