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18+ Policy

While the majority of Yaoi/Yuri North is open to anyone of any age, there are a few panels, events, and viewings that will be restricted to those over the age of 18. Anime North policy requires us to be strict about controlling who is allowed to see adult-oriented content, so we will require attendees to provide proof that they are OVER the age of 18 (we can’t let you in if you’ll be turning 18 in X days) to attend events marked 18+.

For these events we WILL need to see identification that includes both a PHOTO of yourself and that clearly states your DATE OF BIRTH or whatever stamp/sticker the Yaoi/Yuri North staff is using to mark attendees as having already provided proof of age. Forgetting identification in your car/room/cat/whatever is not a valid excuse. No one else will be allowed to vouch for your age, even if they’re a panelist/staff/the President of Berundi.

All 18+ events will be clearly marked on the schedule. When an event is restricted to 18+, there will (usually) be a non-restricted panel or even running at the same time. The vast majority of the panels and events are not age restricted.